Total Narcissism or Simply a Dummy’s Guide to starting a Fashion business of my own?

I wanted to be a manga artist and not sure what happened.

Next thing I knew, I became a handbag designer for the past 7 years.
I was sent around the world the past 4 years to design, to source, to meet, and to bitch about fashion fashion FASHION! Oh yes all that hotel hopping and factory crashing days ARE TRUE!

I’m starting this blog to share all the little juicy details of the following:
1. Handbook 101 of Being a fashion entrepreneur
2. Business 102 of starting your own business
3. Sharing nitty, gritty, and for my own sake, nutty details of what it takes to survive as a designer in NYC when you have everything but dear old Benjamin’s.

Tip # 1: How to survive the boredom of writing a business plan?
-Listening to Janis Joplin

-Listening to Snoop Dog and The Door’s Remix

– Repeating all the great “benefits” of writing a business plan like a mantra again, again, and again until it justifies the mundanity.

Tip # 2 How to be creative when you are under pressure or running out of time?
– According to Murakami Haruki, best creativity comes out of anger and I cannot agree more. But add depression onto the list as well.

Tip #3 Stella is the founder and Chief Designer of Prima Zaria Inc. and she dislike even numbers.
In case you have not noticed. All my lists, comments, and whatever are in odd numbers. But for the sake of functionality and symmetry, all my products are structurally sound and secure in even numbers when needed.




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