The Perfect Answer

Good Morning all the Primabananas out there~!

Just like to share some funky information I came across the other day when researching about women’s consumer habit and motivation.

I know we like to shop but how and why do we shop is another story. There are many books and research papers out there that attempt to describe and explain our “shopping process,” but I think none explains it quite as well as “Marketing to Women: How to Increase Your Share of the World’s Largest Market – Marti Barletta (Author)

In her research Barletta came to the conclusion that when women shop, it’s about finding the “perfect answer” than to simply find a solution to fix a problem. When we shop, it’s not as easy as picking up whatever we like and head straight to the cashier. In fact our brain goes through a complex cycle of experiencing the search of a product, checking the quality of a product, comparing and contrasting the quality and the price, relating the product back to our distant memory of something nice, fitting our product to the rest of our lives; and of course is the whole shopping experience a comforting excursion with great service to be repeated.

We women take the entire shopping experience into consideration during a purchase to find the perfect answer. This whole process on average can last well over 2 hours, but in the end, we spend more than just the initial idea of purchasing that product. Perhaps that’s why industry like Fashion exists because someone’s gotta make something better to wear than just a fig leaf right.

Fashion is like the “imperfect answer” to women’s problem so they keep coming back for that whole shopping experience.




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