How to become a Prima Banana

Dear Friends,
Hope Sept. is treating you well.
As you know, I’ve started my own fashion brand Prima Zaria Inc. that currently features handbags and will eventually design apparel as well. Daring, courageous, or simply fool-hardy, I’d nonetheless like to thank every single one of you for the generous support and love provided!
As we speak, Prima Zaria is trying to build an online fan base, or what I’d like to call a legion of Prima Bananas from now till scheduled launch.So if you like what Prima Zaria is all about -our vision for fashion, our execution in products, or simply Stella’s crazy quirkiness- please tell all your friends, family, or even Arch-nemesis (if applicable… You can still hate each other but at least agree to like my bags!)
3 easy ways you can help promote Prima Zaria:
1. Simply refer any links from our blog, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to your friends, and if you all dig us, just “Like” our page, or “Connect / Follow us.”
2. “Back link” Prima Zaria to your own blog or website: Simply add our link onto your own property.If you and your friends can do so, then the back links will multiply and be picked up by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. and Google will put us at the top of their search and give a popularity rating to Prima Zaria.
3. If you are ambitious and want a whole chapter dedicated to you in my autobiography 😉 you can start talking about Prima Zaria on your favorite online fashion or style discussion forums or groups.If this interests you then, let me know so we can reconnect & I can talk your ears off!
Don’t worry I’m currently doing all of the above already, but one person’s strength is never as great as a group of friends & well wishers.
Thank you all for your time and support, and I will keep you posted of the date for Prima Zaria’s Official Launch party.Hope to see all of you guys there!
Ciao Bellas~!




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