Trip to China After Thoughts Part I Compliance

Dear Prima Bananas,

I’m back alive, kicking and screaming, albeit somewhat tired and convoluted in the head.

Going back to the factory and walking down the production line brought back so many memories of the good, the curious, and the polluted.

The fume of glue on EVA and piles of newly skived leather pieces, I could almost see myself years ago walking down the corridor holding paper patterns neatly stacked inside factory sealed vanilla envelopes.

From 8am to 10pm, the flow of the factory could only be interrupted by the occasional visits from Buyers and sourcing trips. Monday to Sat. young men and women in their late teens and early 20’s labored away until either they had enough money to buy a house or marry someone else. Some left within a year, other stayed on till today.

It’s a mixed feeling to be on the other side of the table making demands and requests when I know what it takes to fulfill these demands and requests. Still, I have to make it for the same reason that they have to fulfill it. The relationship between Buyers and factory is never right or wrong but simply compliant or not.

We demand the factory to be lawful and compliant with our regulations and understanding of human rights. At the same time, do we the buyers comply to the same regulations and stipulations we set for the factory? Last time I checked each one of us was still sending emails at midnight or 1am in the morning.

So to whom and what ground is compliance applied and observed?

Going back to the factory do bring out the curious side of human nature sometimes.




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