Debuting Prima Zaria Dresses for Photo Shoot

Dear Prima Bananas,

Maybe you do remember or maybe not, but there are two dresses that I’ve been working on for the Photo shoot. Once is Victorian Dress, and the second is Gothic inspired little black dresses.

From concept sketches to final dresses, enjoy the madness of Prima Zaria:

Concept & Dresses

  • Dress #1 Id like to call it my Victorian dress because the whole idea of it is to re-create that obsession of the S shape during the Victorian Era. What is sexy and what is fashion: sans the constricted corsetry and heavy fabrication. Ruffles and light weight satin in silver will be used instead. This dress is all about capturing the natural gracefulness of women by accentuating their natural curves. This type of vintage sensuality is hard to come by in modern time as more and more fashion is about skin skin skin.
  • Sometimes, I wonder if feminist movement in our time means nothing more than to show excessive skins and exaggerate the importance of sexuality.  Can I not be a smart and independent woman without being sexy? Womens inner strength and character mean so much more than just her sexuality.Dress #2 is my deep fascination with that whole underground Gothic Lolita culture. People from my generation grew up with very unique preference for aesthetics. Most of us were born in the 80s and grew up throughout the 80s and 90s. During this time there was that whole cultural invasion of Japanese pop culture from media such as video games to movies, anime, and manga. All this is to say, we grew up with 2 different pop cultural values and aesthetics at the same time: American and Japanese. To put it quite simply, what we would consider as beautiful is a far cry from what our parents, the baby boomers, would consider pretty. 

    So this is Prima Zarias interpretation of the little black dress with twists and turns of the Gothic Lolita movement. The materials will be black taffeta with tiered skirt. The bare chest of the model will feature line art in black and white reminiscing the look of manga.

    Ciao Bellas~!
  • Victorian Dress Concept
  • Little Black dress in Gothic Lolita style & Concept
  • Victorian dress prototype in muslin.
  • LBD prototype in Muslin.
  • Fabulous models for Prima Zaria’s Launch Photo Shoot: Clara Senida Leyba on the left, and Krissy Bordas on the right!
  • Final Victorian Dress in light weight silver satin and silk.
  • Final Gothic LBD in shimmering black taffeta and silk~!
    Credits: Prima Zaria Inc. by Stella, Cloud Chen.




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