Unofficial Debut of Georgiana Collection

Dear Prima Bananas,

If you are in the East Coast, you are probably as snowed in as I am today. If you are in the West Coast, that’s okay, you can still enjoy our unofficial début of Georgiana Collection! Either way, fear Mother Earth and enjoy Georgiana (…meaning unknown…)

Why Georgiana? Well I’m a sucker to Rococo fashion especially when my favorite fashion icons, Little Antoine and Georgiana Cavendish- Duchess of Devonshire, were from this era. In case you don’t know, not only were they contemporaries of each other, they also kept up a pretty interesting correspondence till Antoine’s untimely beheading. Some of those letters survived to this day, I highly recommend anyone interested in fashion and history to go dig them up!

On a lighter note, the inspiration behind Georgiana lies in 2 folds: her fierce sense of fashion juxtaposes to her naïve attempt to stand on her own. In the end, fashion seemed to be the only outlet permitted for liberation and independence of the feminine kind.

Hence ruffles on lambskin to show movement and grace , Nina bow on front panel to illustrate naiveté and vulnerability considered suitable for feminine composition. As for the black and white manga illustration silkscreen printed on lambskin, it is drawn by me to capture G’s rebellious spirit however short-lived and repressed.

Below photos were taken during a Christmas Eve party at Bernie’s place. Special thanks to Carina Wang and Amy Cheng, who were kind enough to stepped in as temporary models for G Clutch and G Shoulder Bag. Stay tuned for official collection début with G Tote, G cross body satchel, G clutch and G shoulder bag.

Ciao Bellas!

Carina with G Shoulder Bag.

Carina making her "Reindeer" face with G Shoulder Bag

Sesame OPEN! Clutch is actually big enough to store more than just your lipstick, cellphone, and credit card!

Amy Cheng with G Shoulder Bag. Custom dyed pastel pink goes with any colors including Amy's red coat! Take note ladies!

Amy Cheng with G Clutch in pastel blue~! Again, this custom dyed blue goes with almost any other colors!

Stella with G Clutch...I tell you this collection goes with different age groups!

Georgiana in the spirit of Christmas!

Hans Chiu sporting another bag of mine. Yes, my bag looks good on men too!



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