Optical Illusion

Dear Prima Bananas,

In case you don’t know or don’t believe it, I once was aspired to be a manga artist, and spent many many years sketching myself away, while making up excuses to be an angry artist who hated the world.

So last night I re-visited some of those sentiments and found myself playing one of the oldest optical illusion tricks I used to play back in High School. I’m not going to lie, the advance of photoshop really makes it easy for me to go crazy.

Black Iris illustration. I have new found respect for what Georgia O’Keeffe has done. The water color on pedals and ruffles are not easy!

Black Iris illustration - Before

And this is when I deicded to go crazy with Nujabes playing in the background:

Black Iris illustration - Optical Illustration - After

Wall paper download for your cellphone:

Black Iris illustration downloadable Cellphone Wallpaper




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2 thoughts on “Optical Illusion

  1. Love this!! The textures and layering really captured the idea of an iris. So pretty.

  2. Thank you Annie and Mariano! Will keep on posting!

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