LACE & LOLA – The Concept Behind Our Summer Collection!

White lace top from ModCloth

There’s no doubt that lace has been a hot trend for the past couple of seasons, and it is hotter than ever this summer.  Lace clothing is everywhere you look, in various styles, forms and colors. In a way, it is the perfect versatile material, as it can be anything from soft and ethereal, to edgy and alternative, to sexy and fierce.

But you don’t want to overdo lace, and some people aren’t quite comfortable sporting this distinctive material from head to toe. This is one of the many reasons that we love our Lola collection — these romantic bags put a modern twist on the lace trend with twist chains and a variety of beautiful colors, including neutral bone to contrast with the black lace overlay, as well as a bold pink.  The edginess is balanced with natural draping and ruffles, allowing these pieces to easily be dressed up or down.  If you’re new to the lace trend, incorporating it through an accessory is a perfect way to start!

Prima Zaria's Lola bags!

So where did PZ get the inspiration for this lacy collection?  We looked to regency fashion to model the Lola bags (see our concept board, pictured!).  Think Jane Austen, spencer jackets, empire waistlines, etc.… A very effortlessly beautiful look that is both innocent and striking at the same time.  To emphasize the passion of this particular collection, black lace was utilized as a modern twist on the traditional white lace that was commonly used during the regency era to symbolize purity and chastity.  So the basic recipe for Lola is classic regency silhouettes combined with distinctly edgy accents, resulting in a fierce collection that truly embodies all the romance and excitement of summer.

The inspiration behind Lola -- Romance and regency!

Prima Bananas, we hope that you embrace the lace this summer with Prima Zaria and our Lola collection!  And let us know what you think of the whole lace trend in the comments below!  Do you prefer it in certain styles or colors, or on certain types of clothing or accessories?




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