Which collection are you – Personality Test~!

Dear Prima Bananas,

Have you ever wonder which collection best sums up who you are and how others see you?

Are you as sweet as Lola in black lace, as passionate as Georgiana in manga silkscreen printing? Are you as sensual as Black Iris or is it the sophistication of Victoria that best describes who you are?

Below is a list of questions to help you find out! Once you know which Prima Zaria collection you are, please feel free to download the illustration as cellphone screensaver for Free!

Have fun!!

  1. How would you most like to spend your day?
    1. Curling up with your favorite novel
    2. Exploring a local museum
    3. Indulging in a manicure and massage
    4. Shopping with friends
  1. You’re going out for the night with some good friends.  What type of outfit would you most likely wear?
    1. High-waist skirt, and a fun top with a unique design
    2. Little black dress with some sparkly shoes
    3. Skinny jeans, eye-catching pumps and a bold top
    4. Flirty dress with a colorful cardigan and leather boots
  1. Choose your favorite color for a handbag:
    1. Gold
    2. Beige
    3. Pink
    4. Turquoise
  1. How would you describe your style in one word?
    1. Sophisticated
    2. Classic
    3. Edgy
    4. Quirky
  1. If you could live in another era, when would you choose?
    1. 1900’s
    2. 1980’s
    3. 1920’s
    4. 1960’s
  1. Which celebrity’s style do you most identify with?
    1. Elegant and chic like Nicole Kidman
    2. Neutral and understated like Emma Watson
    3. Bold and eye-catching like Rihanna
    4. Offbeat and fun like Mary-Kate Olsen
  1. Favorite TV show?
    1. Grey’s Anatomy
    2. Project Runway
    3. Gossip Girl
    4. Friends
  1. Favorite season?
    1. Winter
    2. Spring
    3. Fall
    4. Summer
  1. Favorite meal?
    1. Filet mignon
    2. Sushi
    3. Veggie burger
    4. Pizza
  1. 10.  What type of movies do you like the best?
    1. Dramas
    2. Independent films
    3. Mysteries
    4. Romantic comedies

VICTORIA (mostly A’s)

You are thoughtful, with an acute eye for detail.  You love getting dressed up, and you always find a way to incorporate beauty and grace into each outfit, whether it is a new pair of dangling earrings, or a pretty tweed blazer.  Your perfect type of handbag would be the Victoria collection, which gets its namesake from the Victorian era of fashion, signified by form and corsetry.  Patent leather is combined with custom made cow leather to create sophisticated, structured shapes, which are juxtaposed with laser cut floral patterns and hand painted, shimmering gold dusts.  The resulting look is a strong but graceful silhouette.

Victoria illustrated Screensaver

BLACK IRIS (mostly B’s)

You are worldly and curious, with an appreciation for luxury.  You love to travel and learn new things, and your style always remains classic and seemingly effortless.  You are happiest when you are experiencing something new and interesting for the first time, be it a new city, new fashion or new food.  Your perfect type of handbag would be the Black Iris collection, which utilizes origami techniques on custom-dyed 2-tone lambskin, creating an abstract floral pattern inspired by Georgia O’Keefe’s Black Iris paintings.  This visual exploration of spring in a feminine, yet powerful way makes for beautiful, understated elegance.

Black Iris Illustrated Screensaver

LOLA (mostly C’s)

You are creative and unpredictable, reveling in innovative new looks and often bored by repetition and routine.  With an affinity for flirty, bold outfits that draw attention, you are always quick to spot (and sometimes even start) new fashion trends.  Your perfect type of handbag would be the Lola collection, which is a reinterpretation of Regency fashion, with natural drapes, ruffles, and layering.  Strapped bows, twist chains and black lace overlay act as modern accents that provide some edginess and intrigue.  With genuine lambskin in both bone and pink, the Lola bags allow for some versatility, depending on your mood or outfit.

Lola Illustrated Screensaver

GEORGIANA (mostly D’s)

You are fun and sociable, and your favorite pastime is simply laughing and spending time with friends.  You are always looking forward to the next big social event, where you can show off your unique, offbeat style.  Your perfect type of handbag would be the Georgiana collection, which is inspired by Georgiana Cavendish, the Duchess of Devonshire, known for her fierce sense of fashion and relentless desire to stand out.  Natural ruffles and bows add movement, as well as a touch of feminine vulnerability.  Black and white manga silk screen illustrations provide a playful, quirky twist, ensuring that you will be noticed! 

Georgiana Illustrated Screensaver




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2 thoughts on “Which collection are you – Personality Test~!

  1. aRmas on said:

    well since i’m a dude i can’t say i ever get around to feeling like a bag, but i can say that i most dig the Black Iris & Georgiana drawings the most! 😉

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