The Elements of Happiness

Attention to all Modavistas: We will soon be featured on Wretch ( a blog by Carina Wang.

Carina Wang is a seventeen year old Taiwanese girl who has always been in love with creating beautiful things. As an only child, she spent most of her time with color pencils, scissors, and papers. Although she had never received any professional training or private lessons, Carina showed her passion and devotion for art to her family members and many others. She started writing her blog at the age of 11. It was more of a personal diary at the beginning, which was heavily involved with her daily life at school, at home, and some of the puppy love stories. However as the number of her readers seemed to increase, Carina turned it into a place of selfless sharing. She wishes to help and inspire those who have troubles finding their own styles by posting about her taste in clothing, such as her daily outfits or just the items she recently purchased, which Carina described as “the elements of happiness”. Through writing blogs, she becomes more and more interested in photography and fashion, and she is looking forward to have more opportunities to work with different people.

Her blog is currently in Chinese but no worries, it will be translated for our featured post!

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