ModaRevise Hardware Hang Tag design

Hi ModaVistas~!

Like to share our  finalized hang tag design! Really really excited about this design because it was totally inspired by the concept of Tibetan’s Wheel of Life! It’s about hope, life and continuity~!

So we start with some sort of doodling then a CAD rendering. In CAD, this is when we figure out the dimension meaning width, height, length and depth. Plus letter font, letter size, and stylized adjustment.

ModaRevise hardware hang tag cad design

Then we send the CAD sketch to the factory and get it tooled. The tooling process can take anywhere from 10 days to 20 days depending on the complexity of the design. Based on the design, the factory will create a brass mold that should give the rough idea of how the hardware hang tag will look in real life.

Brass Mold still needs tweaking!

Again this is only a brass mold that still needs tweaking around the edges of each letter, but you get the idea.

Side view:

Side View & Back View

Once all the necessary changes are made, a production sample in correct antique brass finish and material will be made for our approval before final production.

Somewhere before final production and initial tooling, there’s also the process of what I call ” battle of the pennies!” This is when we really sink our teeth into pricing and bargain every bit of it so that you don’t have to pay a fortune for this hang tag!

It will be fastened by thin leather strap onto the bag 🙂

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