ModaRevise – Photorealism V.S. Animation

If you think ModaRévisé is only about fashion and fashion handbags, think again!

If our fashion products can draw inspiration from Georgia O’Keeffe, than the fashion house as a whole draws inspiration from the many unexpected aspects of life: human emotions and experiences expressed through both artistic and fashionable executions.

If this is too hard to grasp, just picture Stella getting inspired by photographs she found in her closet, or video clips she saw on youtube, manga she rented from Flushing all the while listening to Danzon No. 2 conducted by Gustavo Dudamel, or his intepretation of Mahler No. 5.

Our next project – untitled- is tentatively scheduled to be  a life-sized photo installation consists of a sequence of images that explores photo realism v.s. animation.

Is it photo or is it hand drawn?

Just a draft but is it photo or is it hand drawn?

Can you tell which part is drawn and which is photographed?

Is it real or is it animated?

Most importantly, is it Moda or is it Révisé?

Just a draft but digging up my roots in fine art. See you at a gallery be it virtual or physical.

Ciao ciao

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2 thoughts on “ModaRevise – Photorealism V.S. Animation

  1. lustnthgt on said:

    oh. very cool. i dig it. not aware of many other companies (if any) that operate like this. more more more! =)

  2. This is why we do what we do!

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