A Bittersweet Ending….

Hi Moda Vistas,

We are Annie and Stefania, the two interns that comprise ModaRevise’s marketing team! Today is officially the last day of our internship, and we wanted to post a little something about our experience: 

When we were selected as Moda’s interns over a year ago, we were eager to learn more about marketing, design, and the art of managing a growing fashion brand. While many students may be seduced by ‘larger than life’ brands in their search for the “perfect” internship, we really believe that working for a smaller, independent brand like ModaRevise has provided us the unique opportunity to be involved at all levels of the business as it grows and develops. As interns, we were highly involved with key decisions and processes for Moda, which allowed us to cultivate a close relationship with the brand and really become emotionally invested in its success. We genuinely have confidence in ModaRevise, because we have worked hard throughout this past year to help maintain and strengthen its core values of creativity, quality and style. 

We have come away from this internship with so much more knowledge than we ever expected, and just a year of working with Stella has greatly enhanced our skills within the spheres of fashion, marketing, and business management. This versatility has given us the confidence we need to continue to carve out our own unique careers, making this internship a vital aspect of our development as students and aspiring marketers. Some parts of this internship were more challenging than others, but we are truly grateful for everything we learned along the way. 

Thank you Stella for all your guidance and inspiration, and thank you Moda Vistas for all your support over the past year! Maybe we will be back at Moda some time in the future… Who knows?

Regardless, we can assure you that exciting things are in store for 2012 🙂


Annie and Stefania

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2 thoughts on “A Bittersweet Ending….

  1. *tear drop* =(


  2. You girls truly are the best! Lots of kisses and hugs because I know you guys will rock and roll in the future!!!

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