Happy Valentine!



——- Frisky Prelude of the love story————-

Have the design of Midsummer Wallet caught your attention yet?

We want Moda lovers to experience a playful and different Valentine.

Valentine’s Day is not merely a romance but could be an interesting plot as William Shakespeare’s play “Midsummer Night’s Dream” arousing the love story.

In this famous comedy “MiImagedsummer Night’s Dream”, little fairies try to help the true lovers get together; however, the love potion makes some mistakes and misleads the lovers in the forest. The whole play suddenly becomes an impish chasing game. Fortunately, this tricky nightmare is a secret potion making the true love be more treasurable. The play represents the bittersweet and uncertain feeling of love. Love is beautiful yet sometimes full of ambiguity. Falling in love just like having dreams can bring you colorful and uplifting life, can be ridiculous and crazy, and can make everything possible.

Shakespeare’s fantasy comedy realistically shows the feeling of finding love. Love sometimes is just like a piece of abstract expressionism art, frisky, uncertain, and mesmerizing. That’s how Moda gets the inspiration for the Midsummer Wallet – intriguing and miracle sweetness.

The asymmetric shape and mismatched color and materials are exhibiting the unpredictable yet playful feelings of romantic Valentine.

Let this magic midsummer wallet play a frolicsome and reveling overture for your own love reverie in this blossom springtime.  Or let this wallet be the love potion and lead you to your love.

Here is Valentine’s Day PROMOTION!!!!  🙂

Midsummer Wallet is 15% off

And if you Like Moda on facebook – receive extra 5% !!

After 20% off discount, it’s only $89 + FREE SHIPPING!

Visit us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/ModaRevise

The discount ends on Feb. 20th 2011.

To place order please contact us at customerservice@modarevise.com

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One thought on “Happy Valentine!

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