Vegas vegas vegas

I never thought going to Vegas would be like homecoming!?

Despite the mass consumption of kitsch and the absolutely stunning Cirque Du Soleil shows, there was a homecoming of buyers and vendors who weathered through the storms of last year.

At the booth Day 1

Great to reconnect with the old faces and awesome to meet the new ones, the camaraderie was totally unexpected and nevertheless not taken for granted.

Ken, my silver teddy bear of a salesman!

It’s so true that fashion is a very small industry where everyone knows everyone. Your reputation will travel far and wide even long after you are gone. Case in point, when I was in Asia, I was contacted by a buyer in NYC to give reference of an assistant who used to work for me 2 years prior to that. You see, you just never know!

So play nice and help each other out because what comes around goes around and everyone will talk about it too.

It’s not the end of the world if someone needs to borrow your power bar or scissor to take down the booth, and no body’s trying to take away your business by asking you to refer customers to their booths. In fact we gain many more new customers when the booths we referred refer more customers back to us.

To give is to gain, to forgive is to move on.

Last Day taking the booth down

If I were to count all the free designs I did to help out my colleagues or the ones that were never paid by assholes, I could have own 1 luxury apartment by now. Instead I developed lasting friendships who stood by me during the hardest times and gave me favors to make things happen. Most importantly, I wielded out the mother-fuckers in the process.

Moral of the story is, Karma is the biggest bitch so don’t mess with it at the same time I’m sorry for all of those whom I’ve hurt.

I still got a long way to go.

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