Work in Progress

Hello Moda Lovers,

I’m not dead yet, just horribly ravaged by a nasty cold + NYC pollution and Global Warming.

In any case just want to share what I’ve been working on all afternoon: a hand drawn, hand cut, and hand illustrated Thank You Card for a very special person!

Projected finished date is tomorrow with total craftsmanship hour possibly nearing 5 hours.

Stella's Desk: Staedtler Pigment liners in 0.05mm and 0.1mm, draft card, + linesheets + crap

1. All shaded areas will be cut off.

2. The actual illustration is a representation of a Chinese Proverb that depicts how when one’s about to succeed, the wind will blow in his favor, carrying with it ripples and sprinting of flowers. All these are symbolism for prosperity and good fortune and coming success.

About 30% there. All shaded ares will be cut off.

A picture means a thousand words, and I’m a firm believer that going back to the basics and draw by your own hands is the most important discipline any creative person should adhere to.

Applying Ink outlines, almost 50% there! Again all shaded areas will be cut off showing colorful construction papers in teal, red and black underneath!

Not exactly the typical and traditional fashion illustration but Can’t wait!

At 4:28pm

Cutting the card...! Should not have my second cup of coffee that's for sure! Hand shaking like mad had to have my assistant Christina work on the hair part 😛




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4 thoughts on “Work in Progress

  1. Horrible scanner, all my line work is gone 😦 Oh well the actual card is awesome though 😀

  2. It’s beautiful with real spirit.

  3. Come to think of it, maybe I should make exacto knife work mandatory for all future prospective assistants to ModaRevise! Same skill applies to pattern making!!!

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