42nd street Everyday Moments Everyday Places artist Daniel Marrero Armas Interview

Visual artist Daniel Marrero Armas, aims to allow New Yorkers to see their everyday lives in a different light through his latest work  42nd Street Everyday Moments Everyday Places photo projection, . As a pre-teen, his mother’s photo book collections of Elvis and John Kennedy marked the beginning of his love for the craft of art. Everyday Moments is a working progress, it entails actual photos of ordinary simple moments in people’s lives. These include photos of subways and its performers. The projection aims to highlight moments that will allow people to find something special in their routine lives that they can appreciate.

The talented artist, decided to call on the help of a dear friend and fellow artist Stella Chang for help in making his vision come to life. Stella is the owner and founder of the fashion art house ModaRévisé.  Her company aims to thin the lines between art and fashion. Impressed by the artistic expressions of its products, Armas looked to its owner for her advice and experience. Stella played a coaching and mentoring role in this project and was a significant contributor to its success.

Daniel Armas, invites the public audience to stop and meditate on otherwise forgotten ordinary moments and places. “Read between the lines of things and don’t take anything for granted but always more about what they bring to it,” is Amars’ advice to his project viewers.

Written By Vinecia Wilks

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