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Editorial Feature for AccessoriesTheShow!

Cyndi’s Dress

Which collection are you -Personality Test~!

Are you ready for what’s coming?

LACE & LOLA – The Concept Behind Our Summer Collection!

Happy Mother’s Day~!

Are you Lola, Victoria, Georgiana or Black Iris?

PZ interview by SHEI Magazine Fashion Blog

Optical Illusion

Update! News and more about the crazy world of Prima Zaria!

Black Iris Product Review on Youtube!

Win a Black Iris Clutch! Product Review!

Fusion Ti Party Summary 02.19.2011 Product Review!

Prima Zaria Full Collections!

Unofficial Debut of Georgiana Collection

Craftsmanship & Labor

Black Iris Linesheet

Holiday Season Sales 30% Off

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Debuting Prima Zaria Dresses for Photo Shoot

Black Iris without Black Collection for Spring 2011

Second Fitting

First Model Fitting

Prima Zaria Self Portrait

X Factory Part II Photos

Trip to China After Thoughts Part I Compliance

How to become a Prima Banana

From this to that

My photo shoot prototype dresses

Walk the Line

Hiring Fashion Wholesale Sales Rep

A Woman, A Gun And A Noodle Shop

Sat. New York Times Issue

Fashion • Marketing • Blah Blah Blah

The Perfect Answer

Fitting • Hair Battle Spectacular •

Ocadia • Models

Model Search Result

Total Narcissism or Simply a Dummy’s Guide to starting a Fashion business of my own?




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